Sometimes the clay demands to be sculpted other times stretched and painted, stamped and carved. Rather than resist these diverse activities as a maker, which is irresistible anyway, I go with that elusive inner force ...sometimes despite all rationality. I relish a challenge; I up the ante, keep taking risks; who knows what will happen? This keeps things fresh and interesting for me.

  1. Vessels with Sgraffito

    This gallery shows functional work with sgraffito imagery carved onto the porcelain surface through a layer of black slip.

  2. Figurative work

    I am moved to express my fascination with a particular being and a sculpture is the result. As I make these figures I am trying to be closer to the essence of their being.

  3. Clay Collages and Constructions

    Sometimes first true love; painting and drawing comes through the clay. Currently making imagery only makes sense on a 3-dimensional form. Is it a bowl? No. It is a painting. My, my; how satisfying to my makers soul. The mellow bending of the cool clay, the luscious squish of slip....then scratch and draw, incise and scrape.